While researching my father's service in the China-Burma-India Theater of World War II (CBI), I learned that he worked for the Services Of Supply (SOS) in an air supply office which supported the building of the Ledo Road and other operations in northern Burma.  A Tribute To My Dad contains the information I was able to find about his service in CBI as well as photos, documents and other memorabilia he saved.

    Searching for information on the Ledo Road, I found various confusing statements about it and the Burma Roads.  Many online encyclopedias indicate "see Burma Road" and then make little mention of the Ledo Road.  I could find no single site about the Ledo Road that provided the story and photos of the road building effort.  I set about constructing this site as a single point of information about the Ledo Road.  On various websites I found many Department of the Army and Signal Corps. photos of the roads and these images have been compiled here along with stories of the Ledo Road as historical reference.  Like The Road in 1945, this site is subject to constant maintenance and improvement.

    Sincere thanks to those who have contributed to this site by sharing personal accounts, printed material, photos, and much more.  Additional information is always welcomed to help make this site more complete.  Your comments regarding this site are also welcomed.  Please contact me to comment on the site or if you have anything to add.

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